Pastured Pigs

Our pigs are primarily Berkshire heritage breed. They root around in the woods eating various bugs and roots. And like our cows we move the pigs to fresh paddocks (not daily but every couple of weeks) so they can enjoy a clean environment. Each paddock is about 1/3 to ½ acre. Fresh water is provided by a steel “pig nipple” that is connected to our underground water system. The pigs bite on the nipple and fresh water gushes out. We tried using a water tank but the pigs would push it over and let the water run out to create a huge mud hole to wallow in. Those wily pigs!

All Natural Grain

"We buy all natural, Non GMO grain grown locally in Midland NC from Barrier Farms, primarily for our hogs. We believe it’s really important to avoid GMO feed."

Grass Fed Beef

Our beef cows are Red Devon and Red Devon/Black Angus crosses. They are docile and easy to work with. These cows are very good at converting grass into well-marbled, tender beef. We rotate them daily to fresh paddocks so they always have new grass to eat that hasn’t been pooped or tromped on. And by keeping them bunched together studies show that the cows eat more than if turned out into a large pasture to graze.

Often cows need supplemental minerals that they simply can’t get from grass alone. In the wild grazing animals will seek out salt licks to replace lost minerals. We provide supplemental all natural minerals from Fertrell and include Sea Weed kelp to keep our cows strong and robust.

Why Non-GMO?

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