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What makes Puddle Moon Farms better? Simple, we developed our facilities from the ground up-literally. With natural grasses, fresh water and we only use non-GMO feeds.

We are focused on raising happy, healthy pigs and beef cows in a clean, natural environment. All our animals enjoy fresh air, sunshine, clean water and room to roam. And while the cows primarily eat the wide variety of grasses in our pastures the pigs enjoy non-gmo (Genetically Modified Organisms) feed to supplement the cornucopia they forage up for themselves in the woods.

Of course we don’t use pesticides, herbicides or harsh chemical fertilizers on our place. This means we have to work a little harder but we think it’s worth it. We regularly move our herds to fresh new paddocks so the land they’ve chomped, rooted, pawed and pooped on has time to heal and regenerate. This is how animals thrive in a natural environment.

Our Approach

We rotate our cattle and pig pastures to ensure our animals always get the best feeding environment possible. They don’t stand around in their own waste but regularly move to fresh quarters where delicious grubs, roots and grass awaits. The idea is to work with Gods creation as closely as we can; to follow the natural rhythms of life that have sustained healthy herds and flocks for millennia.

Clean water is probably the single most important element consumed by our animals. We know dirty water can lead to a host of health problems. And while it’s commonplace on many farms to let animals drink from unprotected ponds or streams we take a different approach.

We have full access trails to easily access our pastures and paddocks allowing us to keep close watch over our animals.

We’ve invested in almost a mile of underground waterlines that deliver clean well water to our livestock. In fact the source is the same well that services our home. The well is over 400 feet deep and drilled through solid granite to clean, cool aquifers. We even designed and built our own shaded water cart to ensure our animals get clean fresh water all the time. In short they drink what we drink because we’re convinced that clean water is vital to happy, healthy animals.

Momma Sow Natasha nursing her new babies.

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