Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s are seeds that have been artificially modified by scientists in order to achieve a particular goal such as drought resistance or herbicide poison resistance.

This is very different from hybridization which has been practiced for thousands of years where plants are naturally crossed to achieve desirable traits.

A variety of independent studies have shown GMO plants can lead to health problems. But just as troubling is the weed control poison sprayed on them. GMO seeds are manipulated to allow the powerful poison Glyphosate, also known by the trade name Roundup, to be used by farmers worldwide for weed control.  

The same company that produced Agent Orange for the Military during the Vietnam War manufactures this powerful herbicide.

Here’s an article from the National Geographic with more on Glyphosate.

Currently over 90% of the world’s corn and soybeans are sprayed with Glyphosate multiple times during a growing season. Wheat is also sprayed with it to aid in the drying process prior to storage.

Common sense would suggest that before you go around spraying poison on the worlds food supply extensive studies by independent researchers would need to verify the safety of such a radical move. But that didn’t happen. Tragically the U.S. Government chose to rely on “studies” by the manufacturers themselves instead of independent third parties.

Amazingly the manufacturers found no health issues and declared their product safe for human consumption! And when third party researchers began to find serious potential health issues with food treated with glyphosate they came under intense pressure to stop or recant their research.

And since GMO seeds are “patented” technology no independent studies are even allowed to legally occur. So if GMO seeds are so safe why are the “manufacturers” so desperate to stop any independent research? Take a look at this article in Scientific American.

With billions of dollars at stake and consumers waking up to the fact that their families food may be compromised for the sake of corporate profits some companies have taken to using “dirty tricks” in a vain attempt to discredit their opponents.

Since “you are what you eat” we believe a healthy diet is critical to a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we’ve chosen to avoid GMO products whenever possible and produce healthy meat products from livestock that’s been raised in a natural, healthy environment.

Unfortunately consumers often assume that meat raised naturally in a “pastured” environment will not have been fed GMO grains; but often that’s not the case and here’s why. Big Agriculture has been so successful with GMO marketing that today over 90% of all the corn and soybeans raised in the U.S. are GMO and therefore saturated with Glyphosate.

Grass Fed Beef cows are routinely fed GMO grain for a month or two before slaughter to raise the marbling (fat content) in the muscle tissue and enhance the flavor. GMO grain is cheaper and more readily available than Non GMO grain so it’s often used to supplement grass fed beef cows.

Likewise, pigs and chickens can’t get all the nutrition they need from foraging in the woods alone.

So “pastured pigs” and “free range chickens” are almost always fed a grain supplement to increase natural growth. Again, GMO feed is cheaper and more accessible so it’s commonplace for livestock to eat GMO grain.

That’s why it’s critical for consumers to “know your farmer” and find out exactly what livestock are fed. We’re happy to provide tours of our facilities and show you the documentation of exactly what’s in the feed we provide our animals. If you’re going to go to the trouble and added expense of buying healthy meat for your family you owe it to yourself to know exactly what you’re getting.

What's the big deal about GMO's?

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