What our customers are saying

Jeff and DeAnn,

We so enjoyed the bacon and sausage from Puddle Moon Farms over the Thanksgiving holiday. I cooked up breakfast for the crowd every day and there was not a morsel left. I personally enjoyed the bacon. The thick cut rind makes it extra tasty. The hot sausage was well seasoned although I wouldn’t mind an extra kick of red pepper…perhaps an “extra hot” will be offered one day…!


Regards, Joe Raad

Rock Hill, SC

My goodness those pork chops were amazing! We could tell a big difference in the look of the meat right away. It wasn't white and pasty like the pork from a grocery store but had a beautiful red hue.

We fried some up in olive oil and they were indeed suclent and delicious! And knowing these animals were well treated and only fed the best high quality non gmo feed made our dining experience that much more enjoyable. Looking forward to cooking up a pork shoulder next.

Thank you for going to all that trouble to provide such outstanding healthy meat that our entire family enjoy's eating.

All the best,

Mark and Sherri Rhodenhauser

Good morning Harris family!!

I just wanted to jump in this morning and let you know Janice and I finished the last of the 4 pounds of bacon and it is the best bacon I have ever tasted. Just awesome.

Janice put one of the loins in the crockpot yesterday and once again, it was the very best. Your pork makes eating around our house a true culinary delight. Oh, and let’s

Not forget the eggs, which by no coincidence, were outstanding as well. Thank you for touching our lives at so many levels, but the tummy level is most important.

Thank you,

Dave Smith (& Janice)

Hello Jeff and DeAnn!

Thank you so much for your warmth and hospitality. We left your farm more knowledgeable and energized. It has been a real struggle to find good, clean food sources and we look forward to enjoying more of your carefully raised meats. Please let us know when your beef becomes available. I am getting the word out to my friends about Puddle Moon Farm and several have expressed an interest in visiting the farm as well.

Have a wonderful day.

~Rebekah Lopez

Thank you for the photos of the new baby goats!  Can’t wait to show them to Katie tomorrow.  Wanted to let you know that we ate one pound of the hot bulk sausage for breakfast Friday morning with biscuits and cream gravy.  BEST SAUSAGE we have ever eaten.  This is all we will eat from now on.  After cooking the pound made into 8 good size patties we were surprised to find almost no fat in the skillet.  I had to add some bacon grease to the pan (which I keep in refrigerator) to be able to make cream gravy.  But all the yummy fond from the sausage flavored it perfectly!


Thank you again for the tour last week.  You have such a beautiful place.


Donna Hauenstein


Tonight we had Swedish meatballs made with your beef! Delicious! Sean and I enjoyed a grilled flank steak which was amazing and last weekend we had filet mignon for Father's Day.

You guys have done such a great job with your beef. Tasty and healthy !

Love and hugs,

The Barleysn