By Jeff Harris, Puddle Moon Farm

Summertime is here so millions of burgers will be grilled for cookouts all across America. But did you know there can be a dramatic difference in the quality, taste and health benefits of the beef you’re eating in that hamburger?

Big Agriculture and corporate America hopes you’ll blissfully go about your business and never give the contents of your hamburger a second thought. But maybe you should and here’s why. The meat used in most industrial ground beef comes from second and third rate cows. About 25% comes from worn out dairy cows that have often been medicated with hormones to artificially increase milk production and antibiotics to enable them to survive cramped, unhealthy living conditions.

And the cows that are fattened in industrial feed lots are often fed chicken litter (poop) mixed in with their GMO grain in addition to the growth hormones and antibiotic injections to keep them alive in a hellish environment. Fast food restaurants love to tout their 100% Pure Beef burgers. But just because there are no fillers added to the beef doesn’t mean it’s something you should eat.

Virtually every rural community has one or more “Sale Barns” where local farmers bring their animals for sale via an auction process. As the animals are paraded into a holding pen potential buyers sit theatre style and make their bids. I recently attended one of these sales on a Tuesday morning. After an hour or so I noticed one particular buyer seemed to bid exclusively on the tired, worn out animals no one else seemed to want.  

I asked one of the veteran farmers about this and he explained that this guy represented an industrial slaughter house that bought all the sad sack cows nobody else would bid on.  They were cheap meat headed primarily for supermarket chains and the fast food industry.

Prime cuts of beef generate the highest profits for producers. The best animals are selected for steaks and roasts, the prized most profitable cuts. Producers know that steaks and roasts from subpar animals wouldn’t sell. But grind those animals up and you can proudly stamp the meat as USDA 100% Pure Beef!

But at Puddle Moon Farm we do things differently. Only our finest gourmet quality Red Devon/Black Angus cross steers are selected for our ground beef. You can see and taste the difference for yourself. Delicious, healthy meat from fresh air, sunshine and clean water. That’s the Puddle Moon Farm difference!

The Dramatic Difference in Ground Beef

It’s not all the same and you need to know why

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